Rekey Locks

Is the key of your main door stolen? Do you want to operate all doors with one key? Let us send you an expert pro to rekey locks, White Rock’s most qualified specialist. Rekeying locks correctly is important. And although it seems to be an easy task, it requires skills and the right tools.

Locksmith White Rock is the ideal team for such jobs. We move fast, have a long experience in this business, charge a fair fee, and only appoint expert locksmiths. Whatever your reason for the rekeying service, assign the job to us and be certain that your locks are in the best hands.

Want a master key system? Let us send a pro to rekey locks in White Rock

Rekey Locks White Rock

Are you planning a lock rekey service in the White Rock area in British Columbia just for convenience purposes? This is often a request we get from people, who like to operate several or all locks with one key. It’s often the case in residential and office buildings, where the demands are higher, the doors plenty, and carrying around a lot of keys hardly convenient for the manager or super. So, if you are considering a master key system for your business or home, don’t think about it. Call us.

In need of emergency lock rekey service? We are a call away

As it is often the case, there’s a pressing need to rekey locks. The reasons for that are plenty and all have to do with possible security concerns. That’s when you have handed the keys of your property to too many people, often a construction or remodeling company. Or, old friends. Similarly, when a spouse – currently an ex, moves out. Even more often, when the key is missing and is possibly lost. Or, even when you move to a new home and although the main door locks are fine, you cannot be sure of who may have the key to the locks. In all such cases, you call us to arrange key change.

Rekeying locks and changing keys takes a call to our team

The locksmiths travel with their van filled with all sorts of tools and key replacement products. Simply put, they know how to change the configuration of the lock pins and thus allow you to keep the lock but only use a different key. This is what makes a difference to your security: the new key. This service is expertly done with no delay and doesn’t cost much – surely less than if you had to buy a new lock. So, if the lock is okay but there are some risks, don’t think about it. Call us and we’ll rapidly send a pro to rekey locks in White Rock.